Can she get pregnant the first time we have sex?

“It was just that one time, she can’t possibly get pregnant”

This statement is a common one that many people believe, but it is definitely not true. In fact, we are willing to bet that some of you reading this article were likely conceived after your folks had sex that one time!

If a woman ovulates then pregnancy can happen. In fact, pregnancy can happen if she has sex as much as 5 days before ovulating. Sperm can actually stay alive for up to five (5) days after it’s released. The probability of becoming pregnant during this period is an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Did you know that even if a man ejaculates on the vulva (i.e. the outside of the vagina), that’s enough? that even if he withdraws before ejaculating, the woman can still get pregnant? Yep! It only takes a few of those tiny good sperm cells to manage to swim in and fertilize the egg. Now with over a million sperm cells in a drop of sperm, the odds of pregnancy are not in your favor.

Three ways you can lower your chances of getting pregnant the first time:

1. Condoms

A condom is the easiest contraceptive to use the first time you have sex. Apart from being easy, it’s the smart thing to do. Imagine kicking off your sex life with Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) like gonorrhea or chlamydia. Imagine you got it as a bonus gift instead of the pleasure you were expecting? If you are toying with the idea of engaging in sex soon and afraid or too shy to buy condoms, why not order some from WHISPA. Also, talk to your intending partner about using condoms. Let them know this is a necessity. FYI, condoms are great at preventing STIs, but they cannot protect you from every STI in the world e.g. Herpes and HPV

2. Regular Contraceptives

Just in case you decided to ignore our advice about using condoms, then getting a regular contraceptive method would be your next choice. Apart from condoms, there are over five different regular contraceptives available in Nigeria. Now before we tell you about them, do not forget that these methods CANNOT protect you from Sexually Transmitted Infections. These regular contraceptive methods include the diaphragm, daily Contraceptive Pills, Contraceptive Injection, Contraceptive Implant, Copper IUD, and the Hormonal IUD. These contraceptives work in different ways. You can read about each one and also take our free assessment on WHISPA to help you identify which contraceptive catches your interest and will suit your body. The best part is that you can get most of these methods through WHISPA at a hospital near you at an affordable price. So, what are you waiting for? Book your contraceptive appointment on WHISPA today.

3. Emergency Contraceptives

We know, Emergency Contraceptive is such a weird, dull name. That’s why we are going to call them ‘after-sex’ contraceptives because they need to be used as soon as possible after sex. Many people have no idea that there is a small window of opportunity, right after you have unprotected sex to prevent getting pregnant.  Now the best part, is that there are two solutions to achieve this ’emergency’, ‘after-sex’ pregnancy prevention. 

  • Solution 1 is called the emergency contraceptive pill (A.K.A the after-sex pill or morning-after pill). This pill helps you prevent getting pregnant after sex, but it is not a guarantee. The highest success rate-over 85% happens if you take your after-sex pill within the first twelve hours. Now according to the World Health Organization, you can still take your pill within 120hours or 5 days, but your chances of success are going to be much lower, so the earlier the better. The advantage of using the after-sex pill is that it can be easy to find at a pharmacy near you and easy to use. Did you know that you can even order yours through WHISPA and avoid all the stress of figuring out if someone you know is watching you in the pharmacy? We recommend ordering your emergency contraceptive pill on WHISPA 24hours ahead to allow for delivery time. Once you get your pill, just pop one pill and start to pray that you are successful with preventing pregnancy after sex.
  • Solution 2 is called the Copper IUD and W.H.O says it can be as high as 99% effective in preventing you from getting pregnant if inserted within the first five days (120hours) after unprotected sex. The copper IUD and is the only hormone-free, contraceptive that works after sex. The best part is that it can continue to protect you in the future. The copper IUD can protect you for up to ten years but you can decide you want to stop using it anytime you like. So why not book your appointment on WHISPA today?


Be smart about sex-whether it is your first time or not; be smart about sex every time. You can get pregnant the first time after having sex just once with your partner. If you have any questions about first-time sex or getting pregnant first time after first-time sex or about getting a contraceptive. Simply #Whispatous to chat with our doctors today!

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