Sexual Health in A Digital World

Sexual Health in a Digital World

Cause & Effect

Over one million sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or infections are spread every day worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The ever growing ease of access to new partners and more sexually explicit content has aided the increase of the numbers in no small part. This is directly or indirectly influenced by some of the major advancements in digital technology.

While this is not necessarily a bad thing, (a vibrant sex life is AWESOME). It is however important to understand the health effects of our sexual habits and those of our partners.


In celebration of this year’s World Sexual Health Day, it is especially worthy to note that the effects of digitalization are not all negative.

In recent years, the World has witnessed a steady rise in the advocacy and demand for sexual consent, also a growing willingness of victims to report incidents of sexual assault and harassment, as well as an increase in sexual health awareness.

While “cancel culture” could be perceived as a double edged sword, we cannot overemphasise the positives of this digital media trend in the lives of internet users. Judging by the recent spate of sexual related convictions.

Sexual health Information

The Internet is also widely used by most for obtaining easily digestible sexual health information which could be in form of blog posts, quizzes, puzzles and trivia.

This use of the internet has a positive effect on the potential to increase knowledge, and positively affect behavior among individuals who prefer online resources.

Setting up sexual health applications according to the explicit preferences of the target audience might also encourage internet usage. Especially by those subpopulations less likely to critically assess information validity and as such reduce the risk of STIs and STDs.

Sexual Health Applications

Sexual Health Solutions

The Whispa App is one of such applications. It offers users a host of products and services that provide amongst others, professional sexual and reproductive health consultation.

Our Chat With A Doctor plans are designed to be easily accessible via affordable subscriptions, on a mobile device anywhere in the world for as low as NGN500. Click HERE to get started.

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